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The Peninsula Manila Discover Villa Escudero

The Peninsula Manila Moments Campaign

The Peninsula Manila’s short film captures the different facets and beauty of the Philippines, merging history and tradition with the youth and dynamism of an emerging economy. From the historic city of Old Manila to the bucolic life of Villa Escudero and the youthful energy of the city of Makati, the short film is a reflection of the modern Filipino – respectful of history, time-honored values and traditions yet youthful, vibrant and dynamic.


  • Peninsula Manila Moments BTS

    Jeepneys are the most popular means of public transport in the Philippines. Originally made from WW II US military jeeps, these flamboyant symbols of Philippine pop culture are known for their crowded seating. In fact,”jeepney” is a combination of the words “jeep” and “knee” (for its knee-to-knee sitting).
    The jeepney used in the shoot was a rental that was given a face lift and custom-painted in the deep, dignified green known as “Peninsula Brewster Green”, a shade which was first used at The Peninsula Hong Kong when they unveiled their brand-new fleet of Rolls-Royce Silver Shadows II in January 1980. The Peninsula Manila will have its own bespoke jeepney this year.

  • Peninsula Manila Moments BTS

    Taking off from The Peninsula Manila’s helipad on a BELL-407 helicopter, we took to the skies for an aerial tour of the city before crossing Laguna de Bay enroute to Villa Escudero. Laguna de Bay is the largest freshwater lake in the Philippines and the third largest inland body of water in Southeast Asia. We just couldn’t resist showcasing this beautiful part of the Philippine natural landscape.

    The elegant picnic was filmed on a man-made lake in the coconut plantation of Villa Escudero. The pages are on a banana leaf-carpeted balsa (water raft) that had a cola (train) of 20 “crowns” of jungle vine decorated with yellow Vanda orchids and candles. They are setting a dulang (low table) with fine china, crystal, silverware and white Phalaenopsis orchids. 

    Filming was interrupted by five hours of torrential rain. When it stopped, we were ready with our celebratory fireworks that miraculously blossomed despite the damp undergrowth.

  • Peninsula Manila Moments BTS

    Salon de Ning is a gorgeous Shanghainese Art Deco inspired bar-lounge that has fast become one of Manila’s favorite see-and-be-seen spots. It was also the venue for Sing@Ning, the hotel’s landmark CSR project in 2012 that showcased the singing talents of college students who were pursuing their musical dream. Contestants were judged by the Philippine music industry’s most influential personalities and a live audience.

    For the Peninsula Moments shoot, the hotel cast its young hotel employees in various roles. In fact, the “singer” is not a real performer but, as acting is in her genes – her grand-aunt is a famous actress known for playing vampy roles in soap operas and movies – she was a natural choice.

  • Peninsula Manila Moments BTS

    The ladies in the pool party scene are all former Miss Peninsula title holders and runners-up.

    Filming the pool party caused a Champagne crisis as there were several other big parties happening in the hotel that night. 250 Champagne flutes were topped with five bottles of Moët & Chandon Champagne, the rest came from 100 cans of ginger ale.

    Not included in the final cut are the dancers of Bayanihan, The National Folk Dance Company of The Philippines and a 30-member string orchestra.

  • Peninsula Manila Moments BTS

    The pagegirl is carrying a Peninsula Page box containing rare antique 19th-century painetas (combs) made of tortoise shell and 24-karat gold filigree through the Ayala Triangle Gardens, the largest public park in the Makati Central Business District. The park houses the Art Deco Filipinas Heritage Library, formerly the historic Nielson Tower. Built in 1937, Nielson Tower was the control tower and passenger depot of the Philippines’ first commercial airport, also Asia’s most modern airport at that time. When seen from the air, Nielson Tower’s structure resembles the body of an aircraft.