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Tradition Well Served

May 28, 2014
The Peninsula Manila celebrates its rich heritage

Over 150 of the Philippines’ top movers and shakers and most influential media practitioners arrived at 6:00 pm and walked on a red carpet from the porte-cochère to The Lobby, where they milled about nibbling on canapés and drinking Moët & Chandon Champagne. If there were any questions among the glamorous parade of A-listers in designer dresses, suits and barong Tagalog as to what the evening’s celebration was all about, they only had to look at the bright lights on the marquee on top of the Rigodon Ballroom doors that spelled “Tradition Well Served” to know it was going to be a movie night. 

At 7:00 pm, the doors opened and pretty Peninsula pages all in a row welcomed guests with tubs of gourmet popcorn and piccolos of Champagne, as well as a vintage candy “carriage” with shelves crammed full of every imaginable sweet treat that brought to mind childhood memories of weekends spent at the movies. Everywhere the ballroom was red-red-red; it had been completely transformed into an elaborately decorated 1930s movie palace complete with red velvet curtains and an extravagantly ornamented screen with three tiers of seating where the evening’s guests could lounge in plush black and red sofas, stools and settees. This was not going to be just any movie night, this was going to be a FUN movie night at The PEN!

Everyone enjoyed their night at the movies, with “Tradition Well Served” bringing to life the personalities and the signature features and events of the Peninsula hotels around the world. But clearly the crowd favorite was Manila’s Christmas concert, which drew numerous ooohs and aaaahs and elicited the loudest applause, much to the delight of “Tradition Well Served” producer Elaine Forsgate Marden and her wonderful production crew – director Libby Halliday Palin, editor Michael Moennich and production manager Bessie Du – who flew in for the Manila premiere. What a night it was at the movies!

To learn more, watch the full 45-minute Tradition Well Served documentary here.